Meads meadow 


By being produced locally, "food miles" are kept to a minimum. From growing crops to bottling,  all processes happens with a 8 mile radius of our family farm in Wilstone. Bottles can be recycled and the meal left after extracting the oil is fed to our cattle. Nothing is wasted!

We have  wildlife schemes across our whole farm. The aim is to protect areas of environmental importance such as habitats and water courses.  Our most recent Ventura is the establishment  of Meads Meadow. This wild flower meadow will support the wild life in our local area, helping to create habitats and increasing biodiversity. 

Chiltern wild flower meadow
Mead's meadow wilstone
where is the wild flower meadow.png

Once established our meadow will provide a stable enriched environment where incests, birds and small mammals can thrive. To ensure our meadow remains supportive to these species, we carefully manage the meadow using our small flock of sheep to maintain a short grass height, this allows the less competitive plants to establish.

During late  summer we'll make hay. The process of making hay allows seeds to fall onto the ground and re establish the following year.


Come and visit us at the farm shop and take a walk round our wild flower meadow. Flowering usually start by the begining of june and carry through till early September. Hope to see you soon.